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Half of a typical bento consists of rice, and the other half consists of several side dishes made with such ingredients as vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs. THE ORIGINAL Japanese Bento Box (Upgraded 2019

Other than the main dish of chicken karaage, there are steamed rice, gyoza, pickled cucumber and mixed green salad.

Japanese wives revenge Bento "Shikaeshi Bento" - IroMegane

Lovingly create individual home-cooked lunches and arrange them beautifully for your family inside a Japanese bento box from Mrs.

Bento Box | Definition of Bento Box by Merriam-Webster

Containers range from mass-produced disposables to hand-crafted lacquerware.

Technically, a bento box is a single portion meal that you can buy at a restaurant or make at home.Rich content on Japanese culture, food, travel ideas, shopping, beauty, products, and events.

What separates it from the ham sandwich and soda many of us carried in a Spiderman lunchbox in elementary school is the attention to detail and the balance of the ingredients.Bento users like to have cute lunch boxes while people preparing bento lunches come up with creative ways to incorporate side dishes, making bento fun for everyone.The focal point of The Bento Box is the sushi bar where guests can interact with Chef Lee Grossman and his team of chefs to create a unique dining experience, or enjoy the private dining room for an intimate small group.

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Or go a little larger so he can eat his morning and afternoon snack out of the bento too.

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Well the problem is I cant find any cool websites were they sell chic, classy, or cute bentos.or any accesories.

3 delicious ideas for bento boxes | Features | Jamie Oliver

Sushi - Wilmington Sushi Restaurant - Bento Box Sushi

These boxes are traditional Japanese-style lunch boxes, and give your establishment a touch of ethnicity.

They are usually round or triangle shaped and either wrapped or accented with nori, which is dried seaweed.A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box.The best bento boxes for packing a lunch for students and adults alike, according to the owner of a Japanese home-goods store.The menu offers food from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Korea.In our version, teriyaki pineapple steals the show with its sweet and savory flavors.

A collection of Japanese recipes from, including recipes especially formulated for ingredients available outside Japan.

Japanese Bento Box Lunches | Japan Food

Onigiri is the Japanese names for these tasty bento box-friendly rice balls.

Bento: Box Lunch 2 - What's Cool - Kids Web Japan - Web Japan

Wooden Bento Boxes | Korin Japanese Trading

Japanese bento (box lunch) are able to carry a meal with you, and also involve aesthetic and fun elements.

BENTO asian kitchen + sushi | Cafe, Teas, Bento Boxes

Yumbox helps you pack balanced meals with variety and just right portions.

Japanese Bento and Takeout | Easy Delicious Recipes

20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes | Parenting

Bento boxes are great value, choose from, sashimi, chicken teriyaki, or spicy BBQ chicken, ribeye or pork bulgogi, and salmon or shrimp box.Find great deals on eBay for japanese bento box and bento lunch box.

Tabbouleh, the Mediterranean dish that fills the largest compartment of this bento box, is a fat-fighting machine.Our sushi menu includes food from Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam, ranging from 5 course meals to the newest creations.The bento box has a long history in Japan, and although modern times have encouraged some weird and wonderful bento inventions and designs, the bento box as a concept has been around for centuries.

Japan Centre - Buy Traditional Japanese Bento Boxes Online

Bento Boxes | Your Guide to Japanese Lunches | World

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And the emphasis is on the preparation of food so that it is Kawaii, japanese cute or charming.Japanese Bento Box, Lunch Box, Accessories for Making Bento Box Lunch in Japan. onigiri mold, egg shaper, sushi mold, nori punch, bento picks, sandwich cutter.Here is my empty bento box with the different compartments and how I pack my bento.

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